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Introducing Our New Menu!


TODAY IS THE DAY! Come and celebrate Nanny`s new creations you have been waiting for with Nanny and the rest of the family! Over 20 NEW MENUS AVAILABLE TODAY at all @nannyspavillon outlet!

Nanny`s Spicy Bolognese Fried Rice

Nanny has ultimately crafted two distinct cuisines in one dish, and the result - mind-blowingly good! Be the very first to try a fun fusion of a classic Bolognese with Fried Rice! 

It is the authentic NANNY’S SPICY BOLOGNESE FRIED RICE with chili meat sauce and sunny side up.

NOW AVAILABLE AT @nannyspavillon - GF Floor

Charlotte`s S`Mores Pancake

Nanny has taken the classic campfire treat to an incredibly delicious new level - perfect for Christmas! She toasted some marshmallows on chocolate pancakes, sprinkled some almonds for some crunch, and finished the dish off with homemade chocolate syrup. CHARLOTTE`S S`MORES PANCAKE will leave you craving for some more!

NOW AVAILABLE AT @nannyspavillon - GF Floor


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